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                                                          09+ CTS V

Super Chiller now available for super charged 09+ CTS V. The suction AC line is modified and sold on an exchange basis to adapt the Super Chiller. The high side connection is done with a CNC based adapter that bolts to the stock AC.

19” Competition Xtreme Chiller $1299

$35 Shipping

                                              04-07 CTS V

Super Chiller now available for super charged CTS V1. Two AC lines are modified and sold on an exchange basis to adapt the Super Chiller.  

13" Competition Version $1199

19” Competition Xtreme Chiller $1299

$35 Shipping

                                             XLR V

XLR V Kit has relied on C6 development while it’s not completely the same they share key features. This kit is available with 30% larger Super Chiller Core for the insane 250+ IATs with the over driven blower mods. One CNC adapter for Freon return is a quick coupler that uses an additional plastic clam shell clamp only available from GM. This is an over priced piece of plastic included with kit but really makes it look factory. The existing liquid line is cut with tube O ring fittings formed to install the competition solenoid and fitting welded out of sight for high side Freon to Super Chiller. Street version only needs fitting welded for high side supply. So this Liquid line is on an exchange basis since new one is around $150 from GM. You are free to pay core charge if you want to keep yours or return undamaged liquid line for core deposit back. Must be returned within 10 days as I only stock 2 for exchange that includes C6 using same line. Again no cutting or mutilation of car needed to install this kit.  One aluminum line and competition solenoid visible under hood most of system is out of sight in void in front of RF tire. Using only existing mounting points.

Like all our kits this is complete every nut bolt wire bracket diverter valve hose clamps etc. This kit comes pre assembled as much as possible. First kits shipped may need tweaking on water lines but will come with enough formed hose and fittings to install. Once I get some feed back this will be worked out. As always available in street and competition version. We use only OEM quality sealed relays on our competition version and complete wiring harness with only final connections to make. 

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13" Competition Version $1299

$35 Shipping