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Challenger, Charger and Chrysler 300 use basically same kit. The key feature here is the factory manifold bolted to Expansion valve is modified by welding a tube O ring fitting on each line also for competition version the liquid line is cut and tube O ring fittings formed to mount Freon solenoid. This manifold is sold on exchange basis. You can pay core and keep yours or return undamaged manifold for core refund. 2 tube O ring formed aluminum lines run forward on driver’s side along frame then change over to 2 factory looking AC hoses to finish connection to Super Chiller. On Maggie kit water pump needs relocated but once relocated AC and water lines lay out very nice along with diverter valve. The SRT8 I did needed a little tweaking on air duct with heat gun for clearance. This kit is a little cramp along frame rail but once installed looks factory under hood with super Chiller in void in front of LF tire out of sight. 

Like all our kits this is complete every nut bolt wire bracket diverter valve hose clamps etc. This kit comes pre assembled as much as possible. As always available in street and competition version. We use only OEM quality sealed relays on our competition version and complete wiring harness with only final connections to make. No drill bracket for competition switch 

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13" Street Version $1099

13" Competition Version $1199

19” Competition Xtreme Chiller $1299

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