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                                                VE G8 Super Chiller / VF SS

Our $999 13” Vertical kit offers the essential components to create a Super Chiller Intercooler system, it is precisely configured with 0.211ga Chiller Liquid Capacity to remove the maximum amount of heat. This is our basic kit with all the Freon Hoses and Adapters, Race Valve, Wiring Harness, Switch, LED, 5’ Prestite Tape, Hardware and Seals. 3/4 Hose Barb Standard -12 option no charge.

13" Basic Vertical Competition $999

We now have full kits for 07-17 VE & VF based models with Forced Induction.

13" Vertical Competition $1199

Our 19” Competition Xtreme Chiller complete kit with H/E bypass is a great value, recommended for 800+ HP on blower and 1000+ HP turbo. Our durable 3 layer insulation, high liquid volume and Freon Distribution Device give you the 40-50deg reduction in IAT you expect with a Chiller.

19” Competition Xtreme Chiller $1299

$35 Shipping

The first GTO Super Chiller was prototyped 2009 the third revision was displayed at the All GTO Day at Bradenton Fl on 1/23/10. This was the first and most revolutionary design that all others were based on. The GTO Super Chiller was a one piece design self contained solution. It came assembled ready to install. Simply put remove expansion valve and replace it with Super Chiller run coolant hose install diverter valve and wiring. Prototype has been in service on my GTO since 2009 with many changes and tweaks providing valuable data. While most cars don’t have room for a one piece Super Chiller the same principals went into all remote mounted Super Chillers.  

It has been a long road to get to where we are now with the same remote design used in all Interchiller Kits. The GTO Super Chiller kit comes complete with new replacement drier and expansion valve specially calibrated for this application as well as all the parts needed to complete installation. Available in street or competition version. We use only OEM quality sealed relays on our competition version and complete wiring harness with only final connections to make.

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13" Competition Version $1199

19” Competition Xtreme Chiller $1299

$35 Shipping

Holden VE and VF Kits Available