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The 13" Super Chiller / 19" Xtreme Chiller system is the most convenient, effective, and easiest to use intake air charge cooling system available today. The Super Chiller uses the cars A/C system to refrigerate the coolant that is used in today’s water to air intercoolers.  It can cool to temps as low as 32º F on a continuous basis, as long as the car is running and the A/C compressor is on. The system only adds 7-9#'s of additional weight on average, and it reduces the intake air temps on forced induction applications by 40-60º F.  This creates a denser, more oxygen rich intake air charge.  This reduction of the intake temperatures also allows the tuner to use more timing in the tune, which we all know makes more power. This really is a key factor when using 93 octane fuel in forced induction motors, as timing can be in the low teens at peak torque in a best case scenario.


For street use, the cabin A/C works in conjunction with the Super Chiller, and there is no reduction in the cabins ability to keep you comfortable. This is a zero maintenance system, once it is installed, you’re finished. You never know its there, other than seeing the super low water temps on the included digital display. On most cars, the Super Chiller adds NO parasitic power loss.  Today’s computer controlled systems cut the A/C compressor clutch off as soon as you go to WOT. (Wide open throttle or above a preset rpm cutoff). This has the potential to increase fuel economy, as well as throttle response and HP. When the A/C compressor is on, the supplied Diverter Valve will automatically take the existing heat exchanger out of the loop. This way you get the full performance from the refrigerated water. In turn, when the A/C is off, the existing heat exchanger is used to maintain the IAT’s. We are the first to include this feature, which improves IAT temperatures up to 30% at 95deg ambient.


We are also the first to offer a Street or Competition version. With the competition version, you get the added ability to turn off the cabin AC for maximum performance. This helps to eliminate condensation dripping from car. It allows you to run the A/C in competition mode at a track, where anything dripping from car will get you sidelined. When you flip the mini toggle switch from street to competition, an LED lights up confirming competition mode. The cabin A/C will continue to blow, but it will be only ambient temp air, since all Freon has been diverted to the Super Chiller. For example, when your driving down to the strip, the A/C is cooling both the cabin air, and the chiller.  In competition mode this changes, the compressor is still on, but all the Freon is going to the chiller.  Once you go to WOT the compressor is off, but there is enough residual cooling for your entire run.  By the end of the run the temps have risen 10-15deg, but don’t worry about that at all.  On the return road, the A/C kicks back on and re-cools the water for the next run. You can even hot lap and go straight to the return line with almost no heat soak.


Our Super Chiller kits are custom fit for each application. They come complete with every nut, bolt, wire & hose needed to finish installation with the exception of Freon and oil. There is very little if any cutting, or drilling holes in the car frame or body, and no splicing of A/C hoses. Custom aluminum lines are used where possible, and we use factory looking AC hoses with O-ring style fittings in the other areas. The digital read out for the chiller water is included in the kit at no extra charge.


1 yr limited warranty on parts and craftsmanship.